Batterers Intervention Program Online Client Tracking Database System. Designed for use by Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence Certified Batteres Intervention Programs. is an Online Client Tracking Database System designed to be used by Certified Batterers Intervention Programs in the State of Indiana.

Check out some of the features of this system:

  • Something to think about....with your current system, how would your business be affected if your office had a fire and you lost all of your current records? With our system, if your office burns to the ground you won't lose your client records.

  • Referral sources can login at any time and retrieve an up to the minute Status Report. When they learn how to use this system, they absolutely love it.

  • Information is always current.

  • Reduces the amount of telephone calls BIP agency receives needing client status updatates.

  • Email a client Status Report to a referral source with the click of a button.

  • Class instructors can easily update a client's information such as address, telephone, or referral source at checkin.

  • At checkin, class instructors enter a session and print a receipt for the client. The receipt is actually a Status Report they can take with them to court, or to see their probation officer.

  • Start letters, completion letters, and Incident Reports can easily and simply be sent immediately.

  • It is simple and easy to run a report showing what clients did not attend class.

  • All documents (enrollment agreements, etc.) can be scanned and uploaded to the database. Then easily downloaded and printed if needed.

  • Completely eliminate the need to store hard-copy paper files at your office. Throw away your filing cabinets.

  • The system is backed up nightly at 2am to ensure security and to prevent loss of data due to catastrophic failure.

  • Referral sources can login to one central point and check status of their clients placed at any agency which uses the system.

  • Login with your smartphone from anywhere when you need immediate information.

  • Monthly Status Reports are sent with the click of a button.

  • We have built-in, simple to retrieve reports to pull the data from the system to conduct research. Easily filter data in reports to study program outcomes, which referral sources are supporting your program, what class locations and times are generating the best revenue, and a lot more information you can use to manage your program effectively.

  • The weekly cost of this service is based upon the number of clients attending credit sessions this week. Thus, you have no expense without revenue.

  • There is no setup charge. Our current rate is as low as only $3 per credit session entered. There is no fee for sessions entered documenting absents, telephone contacts, or other administrative functions.

  • When used appropriately, this system can cut administrative man hours enough to pay for itself. And it dramatically cuts down on administrative errors and mistakes.

  • We did not automate the process of discharging a client. Though it is a simple entry into the system, it must be done manually by a real human being to ensure no client is ever dischaged by accident. (The last thing we want is someone going to jail due to an administrative error.)

  • No extra charge for training and support in how to use the system.

  • This system was designed by the Founder and Program Director of one of the largest and most successful BIP's in the State of Indiana. With more than two decades of experience and expertise, he offers free consultation to help you make your BIP successful and profitable. After all, with this system, we only get paid when you get paid.

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In the State of Indiana Batterers Intervention Programs are legally considered to be "education classes", not "medical treatment or therapy". Thus this system is not designed to comply with HIPA requirements.